I'm a research scientist working at the U.S. Naval Research Lab in DC on a number of cognitive psychology and human factors projects.

My personal research interests include expertise, attention, interruptions, automation, supervisory control, perceptions influencing outcomes, cognitive training, neuroergonomics, the effects video games have on attention and cognition, and how we can use emerging technologies (e.g., video games, VR/AR) as tools and measures. Check out this article on interruptions or this one on placebo effects and brain training for examples.

I am also interested in how the media portrays science, and the methods and statistics employed in research. Specifically, how peer-reviewed research is often taken out of context, and whether the methods and statistics we use actually help us answer the questions we ask.

I received my PhD from George Mason University (Human Factors and Applied Cognition program) where I worked with Drs. Debbie Boehm-Davis (advisor), Pam Greenwood, Pat McKnight, Tyler Shaw, and Raja Parasuraman.